Sam Label creates beautiful handmade slipcast porcelain earrings that are amazingly light to wear and a gorgeous day to night accessory. 

Friends, Sam and Amelia founded Sam Label in 2018. They met through their children, and found a love for ceramics in 2014 when they joined a local pottery class.

Immersing themselves in creating vessels, and learning various techniques using clay. Sam took her love for ceramics further and started Sam Dunn Ceramics. Through experimenting with slipcasting porcelain the idea of making earrings was born. 

With both Sam and Amelia’s love of fashion and ceramics it felt natural for Sam and Amelia to join forces and create Sam Label focusing on creating beautifully wearable earrings.

The debut lustre collection introduces the signature Sam Label styles, aligning porcelain shapes in duos and trios, pairing soft pinks, pale blues, ecru tones and charcoal grey with the gold lustre. The charcoal grey colour is created by blending black sand from New Zealands west coast beaches and combining this with the porcelain, giving these pieces a truly unique element.

Sam label earrings are the perfect addition to elevate an outfit, wear them with jeans and a white shirt to give your day look that extra something special or on a night out as your statement accessory. They have even graced a few brides and bridal parties...

Sam and Amelia make the earrings together in their Point Chevalier studio. There are several steps involved with making each porcelain bead - all by hand. First the porcelain slip is combined with stain to give colour, then it is poured onto a plaster mould and left to dry. Once dry, the beads are cut into shapes and sponged until smooth. They are then bisque fired, sanded, then painted with glaze and fired again to 1220 degrees in an electric kiln. The gold beads are then painted with gold lustre and fired for a third and final time. The earrings are assembled with the finest 9 karat gold jump rings and strengthened sterling silver flat posts and butterflies.

Each earring is a work of art and truly precious to wear.

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